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Sunday, October 9, 2011


Don't believe the congestion sign.
Well, I tried. I just cannot get un-stranded.

We made the decision last night to stay a few more days. The weather is so blessedly beautiful. Part of that decision was based on the fact (ha ha) that we discovered wifi is available at a restaurant just a few miles down the road. So I prepared all my things. I gathered my computer, the bills that need paid, and everything else online-ish I would need. And we got up early this morning to go have a nice breakfast and a marathon internet session.

Fat chance of that. There is evidently a problem with their network. I could not connect, and our waitress (bless her little country heart) hasn’t a clue about computer issues. Instead, I was “forced” to enjoy a delicious vegetarian omelet, which was rather sophisticated for this back-woods town. It had roasted red peppers and it even had artichoke hearts. Awesome breakfast, but I am still bummed that I cannot get online. If I just could have had access to their router . . .

Will I be able to survive another three days without connection? I have had to make do with calling my best friend every other day, instead of chatting on line with mere acquaintances. That isn’t such a bummer. I have had marathon texting sessions with my son. He doesn’t care much for talking on the phone, but let him use his thumbs . . . That’s not such a bummer, either. I have played Yahtzee until my eyeballs couldn’t decipher the dots any longer. That isn’t a bummer, especially since I had great conversations and lots of laughs with my hubby.

Maybe being stuck offline isn’t such a bad deal after all.


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