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Sunday, October 30, 2011

A Dog’s Life


DSCN1281What would it be like to be a dog? A pampered pooch? A spoiled  mutt? The reigning princess of the palace?

I envy my dogs sometimes. They have it all.


When they get in trouble, we humans look the other way. No need for punishment for puddles. Nature called at an inopportune moment. That’s all.


When they come in, all wet and dirty, we simply towel them off and rough house a little while. We all gotta have some fun once in a while.


What wouldn’t I do . . .

To have my every need met with a smile?

To be loved and cherished even when I make a mistake?


To be hugged and snuggled and loved just because?

To run and chase and play whenever I want?


To be so comfortable in my surroundings I could sleep anywhere, at any time?


Well, I guess I do have that last one covered already . . .



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