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Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Our first official “camping” experience in the Raven is at Detroit Lake State Park. Last night really didn’t count, especially since we spent most of the night gambling in the casino. Those machines were tight. They kept giving just enough to keep us interested, but in the end, they took everything we were willing to give. I am glad that I had not gotten into my stash. Instead, I was picking Ken’s pockets all night. At one point, he had parlayed $20 into $65, but then the machine got greedy when Ken thought he might actually win more. Me, I wasn’t as lucky. The highest I had gotten all night was $35, but I too got greedy and continued to play. The good thing is, when you play the penny slots, your losses are not as great. Your winnings aren’t as great either, but that is okay. We are in it for the fun, not necessarily the profit. We can usually break even, not that we play that often, though.

Detroit Lake is a beautiful body of water held behind a dam. This time of year, they drain it at least a foot a day. The thought is that, by draining it, when the coming rains and snows fall, the lake will fill back up rather than flood the area. It makes sense, but there is an awful lot of dry lake bed to look at right now and a ways to go to get out to the remaining water to boat, fish, or swim. We are enjoying the area nevertheless.

Tonight after dinner I tried to connect to the internet. My Clear Hotspot appeared to be working. It was plugged in and lit up, anyway. And the network connection center on my computer was reading full towers. So, what was up? Why couldn’t I connect? Silly me. I am not as techno-savvy as I would like to believe. One call to Trevor and my hopes of connecting to civilization were dashed.

“Mom,” he said, “that just means you are getting good signal from your router. It does not mean you have service.”

“Oh.” Boy, do I feel silly. I guess I am stranded out here in the woods. I guess I will have a gazillion emails when I get home. I guess I cannot post any of the wonderful blog ideas I have for an entire week. My Facebook friends will think I dropped off the face of the earth again. Bummer. I might actually have to use a . . .  a . . . a . . . phone to communicate. At least I have cell service. If not, I might actually have to resort to snail mail. I shudder at the thought of actually hand writing a letter.

So, here is the low down. As you read these posts, please beware that they are at least a week old already. I cannot stop writing, even if no one can read them yet. I have decided to space them out so that you all don’t get overwhelmed when you are just getting interested in my blog.

Upcoming this week are cooking lessons, fishing tales, and pug funnies. Catch you later.

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