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Monday, October 31, 2011

Hey, Where’s The Harley?


DSCN1209Ken has been trying to grow out the rest of his hair, so that he is party all the time instead of just party in the back. To accomplish this without having his hair looking a fright all the time, he has taken to wearing a dew rag. He is also getting a bit hairier elsewhere (watch your gutters, now). I mean he is letting his mustache and his goatee grow out, too. I think he wants handlebars by the time he is done.

Interesting . . .

DSCN1278Unfortunately, his attitude has changed as well. Why, the other day, he tried to throw me over for a wench. What nerve!


DSCN1276And people are beginning to think I picked up an old hippie along the way. Have you seen how many tie-dye shirts this guy has? It is unbelievable. And it is no wonder people stare when I take him in public.

DSCN1073Now he has his eye on a Harley Davidson three-wheeler. Next he will be wanting leather chaps and one of those helmets with the spike on top.

I am afraid, though, if he wants to pursue this new lifestyle (second childhood), he may need to get a less cute dog to ride his trike with.

DSCN1280Ain’t my baby adorable? (Both of them.)




Vroom! Vroom!

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