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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Yes, Dear

“If you are writing every day, why aren’t you working on your book?”

I have complained that I have nowhere to work. I have complained that I don’t feel good. I have complained that there is too much else for me to do and that I feel guilty spending time on my book. Obviously, none of those reasons is the real excuse. Lyme leaves me sitting on my rump more often than I like, so why don’t I work on the final editing process? I am so close to being finished, it is ridiculous.

Frankly, my book is emotionally charged and I am drained. I know me and I know I get worked up every time I start editing again. I cry. I say way too many why me’s. I connect my computer to the TV, yet again, to watch Netflix, instead of working, and then I blame it on the guys, when they enter the room to zone out with me. “Well, if you would let me use my computer . . .”

Enough excuses!

My husband is right. If I have the time and ability to write my blog and play on the computer every day, then I can spend at least an hour a day working on my book. I can carve out a workspace in the house. The table is always cluttered with junk, so why not clear it and claim that space as my own? Get rid of my pill basket (I wish). Get rid of the bill box (oh, how I wish). Get rid of all the stuff that just seems to end up there. The Advil really isn’t homeless. It belongs in the medicine cabinet. That growing stack of medical receipts? Take care of it once and for all. What happened to my New Year’s resolution to enter them into the computer and file them monthly? That went out the window way back in February. Oh, I fear tax time will be upon us in the blink of an eye.

Quit complaining and just do it. And don’t do like your Big Dogs sweatshirt says (tomorrow).

So, my list of things to do today, (as soon as I am done procrastinating on the computer, anyway):

1.      Go through all the mail that has been piling up, pay the bills, file what needs filing, and get that box off the table.
2.      Gather all the medical receipts, sort them, and enter them into the computer for taxes.
3.      Clean out the mystery basket on the far corner of the table. How do you have a far corner on a round table? I don’t know, but there is a hideously huge pile growing back there, nonetheless.
4.      Delay the editing process a little more by making a fabulous dinner for my guys. Maybe we will actually eat at the table, since it will be cleared by dinnertime.
5.      And finally, set up my makeshift workstation so that it is ready for Monday morning. There can be no excuses if everything is ready and waiting for me.

So, honey, yes, I heard you for the thousandth time. I know I need to work on my book. I know I am wasting time on nonessentials. I know also that I need to figure out how to balance working on my book and working on the RV remodel. Hmm. Sounds like another way for me to procrastinate.

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