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Monday, July 16, 2012

I Love You, My Charlie Brown

DSCN1835We have been having the most splendiferous time these past few weeks with our grandson, and yet, (drum roll, please) it has all at once become exponentially better.

We have finally made it to the coast (Neskowin) with our Charlie Brown (that’s what Grandpa calls our grandson).

Even though the weather isn’t that great, I have already sunk deep into relaxation mode and have been lifted out of depression, the depression that was the result of our eldest dog passing away.

DSCN1837After our swim today, we went into the clubhouse for a rousing game of Aggravation (just for you, Angie!).

As we were finishing our packing up to leave yesterday, I debated whether I should take any of my drawing supplies. Ugh, another thing to pack. Another thing to trip over in the Raven. And then, Charlie came up to me and said, “Grandpa says you might be able to hook me up with a sketch pad.” I gave him the biggest hug and said a heartfelt “I love you.” This is a child after my own artistic heart.

We have also brought my guitar, with plans of videoing Charlie playing (because he is much better than I) while I try to sing along. Again, he steals my heart.

Oh, and the knitting. He’s asked if I have extra needles along for him. At this point I could cry happy tears.

I adore an uninhibited creative spirit, and Charlie definitely has one.

For his thirteenth birthday, which was not too long ago, Grandpa and I got Charlie a book on how to never grow up. It has all the silly pranks and experiments that he just loves to do. That book, though he has only had it a few weeks, is already dog-eared and smudged, obviously well loved.

I do love my Charlie Brown and all his imagination and creativity. And I thank his parents for bringing him into my life. I don’t know how else to say it. Charlie could not be any more special or any more dearer in my heart, even if he tried.



Charlie obviously takes after his grandpa.


☻Taco salad face ☻



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