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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Haiku Happiness

DSCN1828I did not sleep well last night, if at all, and so, of course, I was up early, puttering around in the “kitchen.” This was after taking the dogs on a nice, long early morning walk. I had taken my camera, hoping to spot a deer, but no such luck. Maybe there are too many people here this time of year for the deer to feel comfortable enough to venture into the RV park.


Since it was still quite early, and since Ken appeared to not wish to get up (snore, snore, snore), Charlie, who is also an early riser, and I sat down at the dinette and wrote some Haikus about our trip so far.


This first one is Charlie’s:


A cold and damp place

But no feel of castaway

For love is by me.



These are mine:


Top down full throttle

Pedal punching through the floor

No Sunday in sight.



If you can’t beat them

Why join the insanity?

Smile and nod, stay true.



Camping at the coast

Mist, drizzle, yikes! Run for cover

Glad we have the coach.



What is that I hear?

The pool is calling my name

Swim, soak, play, enjoy.


Seriously, though, it is time to go swim. Ah, living the great life!



Lost his goggles already, somewhere between here and the pool Sad smile

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