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Sunday, September 22, 2013

The Birds of Southern California

Ken has been snapping to his heart’s delight, all the unusual birds of this beautiful desert oasis. Okay, so they aren’t so unusual, unless you’ve lived an otherwise untraveled life, such as I have. It has been great, seeing all the new wildlife, birds, and plants.

Here are a few of the birds. I have identified them where I could. There’s one elusive bird, who refuses to pose for the camera—The roadrunner! Yes, we have seen them, but our cameras have not been quick enough to capture this delightful creature. Maybe before our journey is through . . .


Here, we have a lovely Blue Heron, but we have those up in Oregon, too.


A little difficult to see here, this is a Killdeer. Yes, we have those in Oregon, too. I hear them calling, even in the night. They compete with the trains that go by almost constantly right outside the resort.


So, yes, we have ducks, too. I don’t seem to be making my point about unfamiliar wildlife. Hang in there.




This little guy has some strut and a long tail, but his flock mates seem to be missing their tail feathers.



This is a Great Egret, notice the yellow bill. The Snowy Egret is smaller and has a black bill.


This little flycatcher appears to be a Western Wood-Pewee. Somebody needs to tell him that that is a lure, not a fly.


This goofy bird I saved for the finale. It is an immature Black-crowned Night-Heron.


Thank you for following our adventures. We appreciate each and every one of you.


Jenni and Ken

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