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Friday, September 20, 2013

Blessings, Divine

P9150052Please forgive the lapses in my postings. Life tends to get out of control when one has a chronic illness. Sometimes I feel like a tumbleweed, tossed around at the mercy of the world’s winds.


Since we arrived at Fisherman’s Retreat in Redlands, I have spent most of my time indoors, recuperating. Sometimes I feel left out, as Ken goes on his daily walks without me. I’m just not up to such long walks right now.

There are blessings even in this, for without me out there taking pictures, Ken has been honing his skills. He has become more intentional in his photography. I’m even considering turning that branch of creativity over to him totally, for a time, anyway. It is much too much, all that I try to accomplish with my creativity. And it is good, very good, to give him this special chore.

So, from here on out, the majority of the photos I will use in my blog will actually be Ken’s contribution. The Lord has blessed me once again, through my husband and all this beauty.

May you be blessed in your comings and goings and doings and being,

Jenni and Ken







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