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Friday, September 6, 2013

Crops Aplenty

DSC09654Life is very casual and slow, way out here in this rural farming country, southwest of bustling Sacramento. When we arrived a week and a half ago, we pondered at the dried up, extra heavy, cornstalk looking plants that filled so many fields surrounding the Sacramento Delta area.

It was too thick stalked to be regular corn, and why did they let all these fields dry out?


Well, this week they have been harvesting and filling trailer after trailer with golden seed. I would like to believe it is popcorn, oh the moviegoer’s dream come true, but I am not sure it’s that or seed corn. Either way, it is beautiful.





I’ve much enjoyed seeing all of the bee boxes, as well. It is good to see farmers being ecologically responsible, since the honeybee population has been dwindling in recent years.



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