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Saturday, June 30, 2012

This is Summer?

DSCN1776Summer in Oregon has definitely been a dud so far this year.

Today is rainy, again. We should really be used to all this wetness by now.

As I was making dinner, my guys complained of being cold.

DSCN1799“They” say it will be nice for the Fourth, but their track record hasn’t been all that great. The fireworks could fizzle instead of pop. And given that Oregon has outlawed anything that could fly above a foot, the kiddos could be in for some disappointment. (We still hear the illegal ones going off all around us, though.)

Our grandson doesn’t want to accept that we don’t waste money on fireworks. Some things are just hard to accept, I guess. Grandpa usually is a pushover for everything his favorite grandson wants. Maybe the neighbors will put on a great show for him.

This is posting number 100. I had hoped to come up with a scathingly brilliant idea for this post, but much like our weather, my brain feels rather blah lately.

I’ve been rather busy with my one-armed bandit club, but they are both healing well, and I am pleased with their progress.

DSCN1795With this weather and with two of my guys being unable to do much, we have been playing more cards lately. Though I cannot seem to win, I still enjoy the game and the friendly banter.DSCN1798

And as for a spectacular posting, well, maybe I can come up with something by number 150!

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