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Monday, June 4, 2012

One Down, One To Go

76550009Another town and one more show.

I wish.

I am so ready to be on the road. My toes are itching to be digging in the sand, down at Neskowin or farther south. I would really love a chance to get away to California or even Texas right now, but life is still keeping us tied to Portland. For now.

We met with a surgeon in practice with Ken’s, for a second opinion on our son’s shoulder. I just didn’t like what the first surgeon was saying, only giving Trevor 50/50 odds for surgery outcome. The first surgeon was the one recommended by worker’s comp.

So, today, we heard about two options the first surgeon didn’t even mention, and that may be because he was young and inexperienced. Who knows?

Tonight’s task is prayer and discussion, so that we may make the wisest decision for Trevor’s future. It is never easy when your baby has to go through surgery, even if your “baby” is 20.

So, until both my guys are well on the mend, we are forced to bide our time here in Portland. Maybe while Trevor is recouping, we can get away to the beach, allowing him a bit of vacation away from home as well. He has complained that he hasn’t been away since his junior year. Unfortunately, that is part of adult life.

Whether we go to Neskowin or not in the coming months, we will have to wait and see. Only God knows.

I refuse to say, “When Pugs fly,” as to when we may eventually get out of here!


Tinker Belle as a tiny pup. (And yes, she got her name because, when young, she thought she could fly, climbing high and just jumping off things.)

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