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Friday, February 24, 2012

What’s That Sound?

DSC00220If you have ever wondered what that far off, distant rumble is, when there’s no foul weather system in sight, well, that sound is God laughing. I heard that all too familiar sound today. You see, I told God what plans I had for our future. Then He, in his omnipotent way, compared my plans to his scrolls, and immediately began laughing.

If you will notice to the right, the Wagon’s Ho counter is missing. I could not continue counting down when our departure date is once again up in the air.

Ken needs surgery on his right shoulder, to take place in about three weeks. After that, he will be in a sling for six weeks, and then physical therapy for several months.

It seems I just had the “what if” conversation yesterday with a friend, and I came to the conclusion (well, it is the only conclusion where God doesn’t laugh at me) that it all must be turned over to God: the surgery, the completion of our downsizing and elimination, and our departure date.

I did tell Ken that we could take mini trips instead of leaving on our extended journey. One caveat, there will be a crazy mamma driver behind the wheel. Look out world, here I come!

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