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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Even Odd Even

Or Odd Even Odd?

DSC00818My son is such a genius. His mind has always fascinated me, from counting the cups of flour needed for our cookies (in reverse) at age two, to describing the origin of black holes at age six. He is one amazing young man. And he is a math whiz to boot. Tonight he came upstairs with a deck of cards, ready to amaze me once again—and of course he succeeded. He had seen this card trick online, and so he tried it. What amazed me the most, however, was how he mathematically figured out why the trick works. In fact, he was able to go back downstairs and figure out how the trick works in less time than it has taken me to upload the silly video of him doing the trick. To be honest, I am still waiting for the video to finish uploading to You Tube as I write this.

Trevor’s Mad Math Skills

This was just what this mamma needed on an otherwise miserable day. Thanks, baby!

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