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Monday, February 6, 2012

The Confession and The Test

DSCF2767We are the typical American gluttons, and then some. We have an upright freezer, well stocked with organic meat and berries, and two refrigerators—one for “the overflow and beverages.” How wasteful is that? We have a well stocked larder in the basement as well, having the ingrained habit of buying in bulk at Costco. We have enough kitchen and linen items to furnish two households (though to be fair, we did combine two households way back when). We each have a closet burgeoning with clothes we hardly ever wear.There isn’t much we really, honestly want for, besides space.

We are also in dire staits this month because, as it happens, when sh** hits the fan, it goes everywhere. Everything that is due annually or semiannually is now due. Everything that is a medical necessity, like CPAP masks and shoulders, break when you yourself are broke. And all this after we put just about everything we had saved up into getting the Raven fixed.

But that is life.

76600004So, now this brings us to the test, the true test for the hoarder and the glutton: Can we live off of our overstock for the next two months, only buying those few perishable necessities like milk and eggs as needed?

Because this crisis comes at the perfect time, as with everything God does, whether we recognize its perfection or not at the time, we need to deplete the surplus which is in our freezer and our larder because it won’t all fit in the Raven’s tiny refrigerator. How perfect is that? It is a great reason to clean out the cupboards and learn a new way of shopping, to boot.

Another test is how fast we can sell the rest of our “treasures” so that we can get on the road. Texas awaits!


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