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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Two Words . . .







There were two words that, growing up, I learned never to let roll off my tongue, no matter how true I thought they might be.

I’m bored.

But there they are. And, yes, darn it, I am bored. I have just spent the last two weeks nursing a whopper of a migraine, plus achy joints and back, and now I am itching to do something more than bury my head under the covers. Two weeks lost. It is frustrating, this whole chronic illness gig I got going on here.

But I am bored. Silly. Bored silly. I just want to escape.

As I intimated earlier, those be deadly words. If Mom heard us say the “B” word, she would sentence us to chores, chores, and even more chores. Most of the time Mom left us alone, and we had our ways of getting away with things, like pretending we had worked all day long in the garden while she was at work. Obviously she should have been able to tell how much work we did by the amount of dirt we rubbed into our jeans, and not by the number of weeds yet to be pulled. Silly us for trying to get away with laziness on top of admitted boredom.

So, I guess my only recourse is to give myself a to-do list. After all there is plenty to do around here, and there are only 67 days left until May first, according to the counter.

Let’s see, there’s finishing the Roman shades, reorganizing the cabinets in the Raven, going through my wardrobe again, getting things ready for another yard sale and deciding on a date for it, and, and, and.

But for now, maybe something simple, then a shower, and then take Ken to his orthopedic appointment for his shoulder. I pray it is an easy fix, but I fear he will need major surgery for his torn tendon and arthritis. Pray for Ken today, please.

Oh, and since I am bored, I thought I would finally get around to the Multnomah Falls pics from last month. Enjoy! (Besides, these little day trips are what I really like to do when I am bored.)





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