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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Yikes! Time’s a Wasting

75390017After two frenzied weeks of writing—and finishing, I might add—my book, I just looked at the countdown timer and realized that we only have 90 days left until May first.

Yikes! Where has the time gone? I was just telling my son yesterday that we have all been rather lazy all winter and that it had to stop. Nice weather and moving day is approaching, but I didn’t realize it was under 100 days yet.

26270016Those ninety days will pass us by if we aren’t careful, if we aren’t organized, if we don’t keep busy. Hibernation is over. The hungry bears must now wake up. Yawn, stretch. Let’s get moving.

The Raven will finally be home this week, as well. I am so excited to get back into finishing our projects.

I am still pumped and amped and on an achievement high from finishing my book. I know I will crash soon, but for the past few weeks, I haven’t slept much. My plan is to veg the rest of today, get a good night’s sleep, and then start fresh tomorrow.


It will be a brand new day, a brand new month. And the final push toward hitting the road begins . . .

P.S. When my book is about to be published, you will be the first to know. Thank you for putting up with my craziness during the writing process. You realize, of course, that we creative types have often been accused of insanity. SmileSmileSmile Just saying.

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