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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Gardener’s Dilemma

47560023My fingers are already itching to dig in the dirt, and it is only January. It is about this time of year, every year, that I start to plan what I would like to plant. Some years, we have planted huge gardens, with bok choy, broccoli, shallots, artichokes, peppers, and all the usual suspects. Always tomatoes. One year, we planted heirloom tomatoes, and they over-produced. I’ve never seen such huge tomatoes. Why, a few filled quart jars on their own—one per jar! I wouldn’t be surprised if we still didn’t have some of those canned beauties in the far reaches of the basement.69890023

A few years, when I felt my worst, we only planted tomatoes. Those were sad years, when I barely had the strength or desire to pick our berries, either. Speaking of our berries, we had marionberries, boysenberries, raspberries, and even strawberries for a while. Also three types of apples and plums and peaches too. What a glorious garden we had when we had our house, with beautiful raised beds.

This year, I must curtail my gardening urges, for we will most likely be gone before harvest time. The wheels will roll in about 114 days, according to the counter.

Never fear, though. I have been contemplating how to garden in little pots. I have also been contemplating where to keep them in the Raven. Hmm. One solution might be slightly larger pots which could be placed outside when we land somewhere and which we haul in the back of the Jeep. We must ponder all these thoughts. At least little pots with herbs and lettuce. Someone once suggested we get one of those tomato hangers and hang it in our shower. Yikes! Now there’s an interesting solution.

Always remember, for every problem, there is a solution. It may not be convenient or normal, or even logical. Sometimes you just have to stand on your head to see what needs to be done!




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