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Thursday, January 12, 2012


DSCF2781OR . . .

What to do when you cannot remember what you came to the computer to do.

I was reading in bed tonight, and I got the notion that I needed my computer for some odd reason. So, off I toddled to the living room to fetch it, leaving my Kindle reading behind. Erma Bombeck is a riot, by the way, even if so many of her colloqialisms are outdated and her references are less than timely for this decade. Hey, maybe that’s it. Maybe I wanted to look up one of her funny references. Who are Damon and Pythias, anyway? Okay, so I did look that one up. Their relationship has to do with the ultimate in true friendship and loyalty in Greek mythology. Duh. Why didn’t I remember that from my seventh grade mythology class? Um, probably because that was, like, a century ago. Oh, and as a side comment, why is it that we can study Greek gods in public schools, but we cannot learn about the one true God in those same schools?


Anyway, upon firing up my laptop, I could no longer remember what I had wanted the silly thing for. Don’t even suggest I should take up paper and pen before approaching the computer. I have tried that route with very little success. Even with a pen sitting right beside me, by the time the tip touches paper, my brain is empty. It is like there is a thought vacuum hovering above me that just waits for me to have something valuable up there in my noggin, and then, sluuuurp, its gone forever. Burp. At least it could say excuse me.

So, what to do while I wait patiently for that thought to magically reappear? It seems wasteful to just turn the machine off right away, only to have to turn it back on again in two minutes when the thought returns. If it should return, that is.

That was over two hours ago, and here I still sit. Waiting. Waiting. Hm hm hm hm hm hm hm. Somebody play the Jeopardy theme song please.

What did I do with those two-plus hours, you ask? Well, I will tell you. I decided to catch up on some reading. I have been neglecting the blogs I follow, and I have been feeling guilty about it. How can I expect you all to follow me, if I am not a diligent follower myself?

Sew a Fine Seam is a cheerful blog. I have recently discovered her and have enjoyed all I have read so far.

Then, I like to play blog roulette sometimes, too. If you will notice, there is a link at the top of this page that says, “Next Blog.” It will randomly take you to different blogs. Some end up being real dogs, but others are great. That is how I found Sew a Fine Seam, after all.

I read through several of these random offerings, and I discovered something interesting.

It is not just me.


No seriously. I am not the only one who has scattered thoughts, who strays off topic often, whose creative inspirations often must be torn out or erased and redone. I am not the only one who longs to be knee deep in the intricate details of a project, yet only allow myself time for a cursory onceover. I am not the only one who dreams big and falls short, then gets up to dream big again. I am not the only one who gets bogged down in thinking too far ahead when I should be concentrating on the here and now.

I am not the only one who enjoys the process, sometimes more than the end result.

For me

Joy is in the doing.

Joy is in the dreaming.

Joy is in those crazy, scattered thoughts.

Joy is in the details.

Joy is in today.


For you, Joy is where you determine. Where is your Joy today?


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