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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Still Looking

DSCF0920My eyes are all buggy and hurting. I have been on this computer for way too long. But such is life when you are trying to accomplish a goal.

I honestly tried to find those negatives of Suzie as a puppy so that I could continue the furry family album series, but I started in the wrong box and got bored with the whole process. No wonder they charge a ton of money to digitize negatives professionally. It is a tedious job. And boring. But at least I got some reading done. I just love my Kindle.

Anyway, three days ago, I set aside the negatives, so that I would not get negative. Ha ha. And then I started in with the whole editing and compiling process to finally get my book ready for publishing.

Talk about a tedious job. When I attempted the editing and compiling a few months ago, it was horribly complicated. All my files are in Word, and there is just no easy way to get them all together without going crazy. And trying to make sure I am maintaining good flow and continuity from page one to the end, well, that is very difficult in Word.

A fellow writer, however, turned me on to an awesome program: Scrivener. I absolutely love it. I can switch back and forth between chapters quickly. I can see everything all at once. I can make notes on the side that will not end up in the final draft but which are important to me now. It is just the greatest thing since sliced bread.

If you write, I would highly recommend checking it out at this link.

Have a great day, and maybe soon I will get those negatives scanned in. Meanwhile, I am quitting for the evening before my eyes bleed.

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