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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Free Fun

P8260166Well, free for ATU 757 members and their esteemed guests, anyway.

Today was Ken’s union picnic, and before you say, “yes, but he is retired,” I shall say that that is quite true. But he is still a member of the union. Besides, we’ve never been able to attend one of their picnics because of his work schedule, so when, pray tell, would we go but after his retirement? Darn slave drivers.

Sorry if I seem attitude-y. I’m not cranky, just persnickety. Facetious really. Everything is funny today, which is odd because it was a rather stressful day, with tons of people scurrying about like rodents looking for food, and yelling and screaming. Oh, it was enough to set me off into anxiety and panic land. But I didn’t go there. And I am so grateful for that fact. Thank you, Lord, for keeping my wits about me today.

P8260164There was a clown with balloon animals, site gags, and jokes, and there was also cotton candy, snow cones, BBQ, Bingo, and all sorts of fun stuff for the kids to do.






By the way, Frisbees make great plates, when you want to eat your fill but you don’t want to hover around the watermelon table. Check out that pile of watermelon in the background. That’s only a fraction of what they started with!

ATU 757 is a huge union, and so, of course, there were tons of prize giveaways. (We won a few things playing Bingo.) The funniest line, which was repeated every time this particular type of prize came up, was “it’s a crock pot, not a crack pot.” To which someone else would say, “what’s the difference?” What can I say? They are bus drivers and have been smelling their own exhaust for far too long.

But then the most hilarious thing happened. Since there were so many prizes, and quite a few union officers to boot, they kept changing out who called the winning numbers. When this union leader named Sandy went up there to take her turn at the mike, she oohed and aahed over the next prize. And then she called the numbers, turned over the ticket to read the name, and burst out laughing. It was her own ticket! What are the odds of that happening?

It was a most enjoyable day at Blue Lake Park. Perfect weather. Good company, including some old faces we had not seen in years—and some we had just seen a few hours before at church!

Just goes to show, you don’t have to travel far to find something interesting and joyful to do on a Sunday afternoon.

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