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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Hair Today . . .

PB250047Has your mother ever warned you not to complain about something?

Like, never saying you are bored or have nothing to do.

Well, Ken, my beautifully sexy long-haired hubby complained about his ponytail while we were driving home from church today. (I am absolutely gaga for gray hair, in case you hadn’t figured that out yet, have always been, even as a teen. Weird, I know.)

026_22A That’s Ken being “licked” by my son, Trevor, when Trevor was eight. Please don’t ask why. Maybe it had something to do with frosting. We were at a birthday party, after all.

I mentioned that he could always cut it off and start styling his hair like when we first met. He made the fatal mistake of agreeing with me. So, being the driver today, I detoured to Super Cuts.

021_18ALet’s just say . . . well, never mind. Don’t ask why he has a shower cap on and is giving me an “Oh, Stanley,” grin.








018_15This picture was taken on a sailboat on the San Francisco Bay, too many years ago to count.








It’s not that I didn’t like his long hair. I just thought he might look good with a change. And he might enjoy it short for a while, too. He can always grow it back, if he so chooses.

As a side note, Isabel, who cut Ken’s hair, was just finishing up the rather sexy head of hair on a TV star’s head, and yes, he is starting to gray. He’s the star of Animal Planet’s Finding Bigfoot. I’ve never seen the show, but he may be reason enough to watch.

Excuse me while I wipe the drool off my keyboard!

Okay, back to the pictures of Ken’s haircut, and some other funny stuff that’s been going on lately.


One last look, before snip-snip.




I’m not sure if Ken was totally keen on the idea, after the fact.


Too late!

And now on to Ken trying to do his shoulder exercises. Tinker Belle thought it made an excellent tug-of-war rope.



You’ll have to excuse the silk boxers. He wasn’t expecting his picture to be taken, let alone have it put on the internet! But, hey, I told you he was sexy.

If you don’t think so, just remember that sexy is an attitude, not a look.

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