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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Talented Locals

There’s an interesting group of people down at Mountainview Christian Church, including both the pastoral staff and churchgoers alike, and last night they put on a talent show, kind of as a kick-off for the new Renew classes beginning next month. It was hilarious!

Not that there were prizes or judging or anything like that (just good, wholesome fun), but with each new act, I said, “I think I like that one the best.”


Pastor Tom told jokes.


I didn’t even know Pastor Craig could play. He says he can play “campfire guitar.”


And then there’s the Unknown Magician, who was really Pastor Dave. Too funny, shoving the mop handle all the way “through his head.”


It was a great evening. If you are in Portland, come check out Renew on Friday nights, starting September 14.

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