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Monday, August 20, 2012

Creative Challenge

I occasionally stumble around the internet, browsing my various interests. Occasionally I find a great blog and stay awhile.

A few of the artistic bloggers mentioned that they had challenged themselves to 100 paintings in 100 days. I thought, “Ugh, I could never do that, not with my lack of discipline.” Plus there’s the fact that many days, I just don’t feel up to doing much at all because of my illness. Well, ugh be gone.

I have taken up just that challenge. I need to get my drawing and painting skills back up to par. Too many years have passed since I took my craft seriously.

Not everything comes back as easily as riding a bicycle, though, I wish it did.

I took up the challenge about a week ago, and I have actually painted or drawn at least two a day, but I will only share the best ones. Some are just awful, as with any artist as they hone their craft. Nobody’s perfect. These are just photos of my paintings, for now. I will scan in the best ones at a later date.


This is one of the first ones, which I will be putting on children’s products over at Cafepress in my store. More on all that excitement later.


This is another one from early in the week. I have decided that she will be redone as a mermaid.



“Dam!” This is another one that will end up on Cafepress, but I will probably redo it so that it is bolder.


“Sunset Sail”




“Cecelia in Hiding”


“Angel Mine”

Some of the colors are not showing up as well as I would like, but you get the idea about how I am doing in my challenge.

Technology, the boon and the bane of our existence. Go figure.

The mediums I chose for this past week were oil pastels and watercolors, often using both on the same painting.

Thank you for looking. I appreciate my readers, one and all.

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