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Monday, May 21, 2012


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         Yes, folks, the Pugs have invaded our little home city of Portland, Oregon. And they run amok yesterday, all over the northwest sector. MacTarnahan’s Taproom graciously hosted this year’s Pug Crawl sponsored by the Oregon Humane Society, with the theme “Pug Nation,” seeing as it is an election year and all.

It is estimated that there were 500 (yes that is a five with two zero’s following) Pugs on paw for this year’s festivities. All I know is that there were way too many for lil’ ol’ me to count. As for the parade, about 100 Pugs dressed up to walk the lengthy parade route (a whole block, which could be considered quite a long walk for some of our chubbier furry friends).

My best friend, who joined us in the fun, commented that she did not think so many dogs could get together, without there being fights or other trouble. Well, there were a few raised voices and a scary moment or two, but those were instigated by the non-Pugs. Pugs, as a general rule, get along with everyone. They will even let a burglar rob you blind, for the cost of a good scratching.

All in all, it was a whole heap of smooshed kissy faced fun. My Tinker Belle and Suzie did not take any prizes, but they sure got the compliments on their attire.

Enough talking, let’s get to those pics.


My girls size up the competition by concentrating on a rather interesting tree.


There were more Pugs in chairs, than people in chairs.



And when a person did get a chair, a Pug was on their lap, naturally, of course. That’s Ken and Tinker Belle.


My Suzie Cutie as a queen.




Now, this dog on the right is definitely a Pug, while the dog on the left definitely is not, and yet these guy’s mama has been asked before if the little one was the big one’s baby. Of course she said, ‘why, yes.’ Then she promptly rolled her eyes.





Pugs are quick little guys. I kept either getting butt shots or missing them altogether.


Gotta say, from the front or the rear, these little lambs were absolutely adorable.



And the rest I will save for tomorrow. See you then, with more great Pug pics.

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