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Friday, May 18, 2012


DSCN1668When my group leader informed me that he was ill and would be cancelling tonight’s class, my body got the message before my brain did. My body said, “Wow, I don’t have to go anywhere tonight. It’s time to shut down.” And shut down it did.

DSCN1666Since Ken’s surgery (and even before) I have been pushing myself to the brink of exhaustion almost every day. With adrenal fatigue, that’s easy enough to do just in a normal day’s routine, but I have been pushing way past and more or less hurting myself in the process. I have been unable to sleep much at all this past week because of all the pain I have been in, with running all the errands and to appointments and cooking and cleaning. (I know, quit whining.)

The topper, though, was yesterday when some prospective buyers came by to look the place over. I tried my best to get it all spiffy beforehand, but I still felt I did an inadequate job of it, but that is partly due to all the junk we still need to offload and the overall lack of storage space.

Back to my body shutting down: I figured I might just lie down for a few minutes, rest my weariness. Ken tried to get me up. He wanted me to either go for a walk with him or to just go outside and take advantage of the beautiful day. I could barely lift my arm to wave him off, while I slurred, “leave me be.” He could have yelled “fire!” but I don’t think I could have gotten up even then.

He was not happy that I was “wasting another day” in bed, but then again, he has never really understood my levels of fatigue. It is like when you have the flu and you are all achy and can barely move. Only mine doesn’t nicely disappear after a week or two of misery. It sticks around, waxing and waning to a certain degree, but always there. Always dampening my plans and squashing the best of my intentions. It sucks. (Sorry.)

DSCN1667So, after my three-hour snooze-fest, I feel much better. I was able to finish making dinner, which I had started earlier. At least I had gotten the prawns marinating before collapsing into bed. I added some leftover homemade Spanish rice from yesterday’s dinner and some steamed carrots, and we had ourselves a righteously fabulous meal outside in this beautiful weather.

My only disappointment is that the three kinds of chocolatey goodness I made for our RENEW dessert potluck yesterday did not make it to the church tonight. It’s just another example of my best of intentions going awry. Oh well, I am sure Trevor will be happy to gobble them down instead.

As a special bonus, here’s some flowers from our yard.





And a lazy little assist dog . . . (Tink fell asleep on the arm of the chair and then proceeded to slide onto Ken’s lap, which is better than her usual stunt—falling off the arm and onto the floor!)


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