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Friday, May 11, 2012

(Wo)Man Up

IMG_0614Oh man, I feel like I am the one who went through surgery.

After a grueling day (Tuesday) of appointments, errands, and grocery shopping to prepare for Ken’s downtime following surgery, and then sitting at the hospital all day (Wednesday), I guess it was no wonder my body gave out yesterday (Thursday).

Luckily, Trevor came home early from work last night, because I was ready for bed by six, without having eaten much. Lucky also for Ken’s sake that Trevor can fix simple foods.

Speaking of Trevor, I happened to mention to him after getting home from the hospital that I would need him to help watch over Ken for a few days. Ken kind of scowled at the thought of needing a babysitter. But Trevor cracked up when I said, “Hey, the doctor said you have to have a responsible adult with you at all times for at least the first few days.”

Oh, how the tables have turned.

Tonight, if I feel up to it, I will venture out for my church stuff, and I can do that without guilt because a good friend has offered to “babysit.” He may grump, but I know Ken loves to be pampered.

As for me, I have to buck up and take on more responsibility than I have had to in the recent past. I too like to be pampered, and Ken and Trevor spoil me rotten all too often, but now it is not my turn.

Another thing I need to do is learn to accept the help that has been so generously offered—by our friends, our neighbors, our church family. I need to whip out my calendar, and say, “yes, please, dinner for Saturday would be great.”

After all, I am not alone in this journey. God gave us others to help carry our burdens. We only need to reach out our hand.


Our assist dog, Tinker Belle, hard at work. Check out the latest hospital-to-home fashions.

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