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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Neskowin, Once Again

P7220603Well, here we are on leg two of our journey of a lifetime. We decided to make a side excursion westward to say goodbye to some travel buddies. They are regulars here at Neskowin Creek RV Resort, coming and going often during the year. We’ve been here a few days already, and we’ve hardly seen anyone we know. Well, there is Hank, but his wife had to stay home this trip. The staff seems to have changed, as well.

I could be a bit lonesome, if it weren’t for the community room, and as I hang around, writing, drawing, or working on a puzzle, people wander in, and conversations and laughter are always not far behind.

Today I was working on the preliminary drawings for a painting I have in mind, and a young girl, maybe 13 or 14, asked to watch. I asked if she wanted to draw, and so we shared wonderful chit chat as we sketched together.

There’s a peacefulness around this place. Sometimes I wish we could live here fulltime, but I know my body cannot handle this climate for much longer.

Besides, the Southwest is calling.

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