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Thursday, July 4, 2013



We’ve finally made it to the scenic highways and byways of our magnificent country.

Well, actually, we haven’t gone all that far . . .

Wilsonville is only a stone’s throw from our hometown of Portland, Oregon. Why, you may wonder, would we drive less than an hour to our first destination? It would take us two lifetimes to see all we want to see, at that rate.

DSC03127Every Fourth of July, St. Paul puts on this absolutely amazing rodeo. Now, St. Paul is only a stone’s throw further south of Wilsonville. We could not stay any closer to St. Paul because,as I hinted, this rodeo is a huge happening around these parts, and RV spaces fill up fast. I made our reservations a good two months early, and this was the best I could do, proximity-wise.

DSC03453I suggested, and Ken agreed, that we go to the St. Paul Rodeo as an awesome kickoff for our great adventure, our new life, so to speak.

And so, a few pictures from the first day, which was Professional Bull Riding only, and the second day, which included just about everything, including fireworks at the closing of both days. Can’t imagine what tomorrow’s fireworks show might include, being the Fourth and all. The past two shows were great.



Here, Ken is trying to earn a Marines t-shirt. They said that if he managed three, at age (almost) 75 and a year after shoulder surgery, he could have his choice of whatever they had to offer. Well, he didn’t quite make one, but as you can see, he did pretty darned well for his age and the condition of his shoulder. The young Marines were impressed all the same, and shook his hand with pride, knowing Ken to be a veteran. It’s too bad he didn’t get a t-shirt. I really wanted the one that said, “Pain is injury leaving the body.” Profound for a bunch of jarheads, eh? Kidding, kidding. They were all super nice and I wanted to hug them all for their service.


These are massive animals, and yet they jump around as if they were kittens.








How high can a horse fly ? ? ? ?


Yes, the clown is in that barrel.


This fine young cowboy forgot to put the quarter in for his horsey ride.

Bless you all, and a special prayer and blessing for the families of the firemen lost in the Arizona fires this week.

I’ll write again soon. Oh, it feels so good to be back writing. I hope you enjoy what I have to offer.

Love, Jenni

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