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Friday, July 5, 2013


IMG_0842[1]The weather has been mighty hot this past week. So painfully hot, especially with our high humidity. After we settled in to our spot here at Pheasant Ridge in Wilsonville, I ascertained that Ken had indeed hooked us up to electrical, and I switched on the AC. I waited patiently, knowing she’s an old system, she’s an old Raven, produced in 1996, the last year Firan was in business.

I waited patiently a little longer, and longer still, but the best she could do was tepid air. I so desired my sweaty body to put forth goose bumps in response to her chilly breath, but I was sadly disappointed.

Poor Tinker Belle was suffering more than we humans, though. Pugs are notorious for not tolerating the heat, or the cold for that matter. When a dog pants, she is quickly forcing air across her palate the entire length of her snout, and this helps cool her. Dogs cannot sweat. Being a brachycephalic breed (smashed face), Pugs are at a major disadvantage because they do not have a snout, nor a lengthy palate, to help in the cooling process.

Round about the time I became most worried about my little girl, I had been icing my leg. I had a major fall last week. One heck of a goose egg right away, and now a smaller goose egg (but still sizeable) and major bruising from my knee down.

IMG_0818[1]Simply dampening Tinker was not cooling her. She gulped water until her belly bulged. I feared she might go into another seizure or have a heart attack. I asked Ken to hand her to me, and I laid her across my icepack. Surprisingly (or not) she chose immediately to stay on that icepack, and she stayed there for a few hours, until my homemade icepack finally melted.

With the rest of the week threatening to stay in the humid 90’s, we chose to take Tinker back home, where Trevor could care for her with our two other dogs and without me worrying about losing my precious pup to the heat.

IMG_0839[1]Today we had to take the Raven in to have a new AC installed. The mobile repairman, who came out promptly the first day of our crisis, said that with its age, replacement was about our only option. This Raven, I love her, but she’s a greedy beast. Laurelhurst Heating and Air Conditioning in Portland did an awesome job, on time, and saved us money, to boot.

I love it when God’s divine intervention helps us. That is, when we actually listen. God’s providence put us close enough to home to resolve our problem with little stress. The Holy Spirit’s whispers also guided me not to purchase tickets for Friday’s rodeo event. I had no idea why, but my gut was telling me to leave Friday open, and so I purchased tickets for only four of the five days. And Friday just happened to be the only opening the repair shop had to install our new AC.

Be still and listen, and you too may hear the Whispers of the Holy Spirit gently guiding you.

096Even though I know my son will take good care of my Tinker, I miss her terribly. So the part of Tinker Belle this week had to be played by my newest Pug stuffie, Rorie.

Blessings and joy to you,


Here’s a special bonus: My Homemade Icepack Recipe

Pour a 16 ounce bottle of rubbing alcohol into a gallon sized Ziploc bag. Add 32 ounces of water to the rubbing alcohol in the Ziploc, seal securely, give it a little sloshing, and place within another Ziploc, just for good measure. Then stick it in the freezer until firm. It can be used over and over, just refreeze.

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