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Friday, November 1, 2013

November’s Poetry


Summer’s End

November, November

From whence did you come?

Why must you herald summer’s close

With such finality, such succor needs?

Though her chilling tentacles

elude this oasis, this pleasant cove

I still feel Sister Winter’s death knell

Clanging against my bones.

November, November

Your beauty does not escape me

Your crispness may herald

Sister Winter’s approach

But my love for you remains

True to the end of your days.


Jenni Lynn

November 1, 2013





Magnum Opus Alere

Velvet enrobes creamy coolness

Delicately fragranced

By vanilla’s gentle caress.

Smooth, salty caramel

Bathes my senses

With glorious contradiction.

Dark chocolate incites

Pleasure in my soul.

I give myself fully

To this divine

Yet earthly fascination.

I close my eyes

And take another taste

Of my Magnum

My sinful side’s

Opus alere.


Jenni Lynn

November 1, 2013


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