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Monday, October 28, 2013

Costume Ball

DSC00185If we had known that staying at RV resorts could be so much fun . . .

. . . We might have pushed a little harder to get on the road sooner!

Cherry Valley Lakes RV Resort is one of the best resorts we have found to date. Though we hear there are even better ones out there, I cannot see how!

Every weekend, Cherry Valley serves awesome meals, at prices seniors can afford, though not all who live this lifestyle are seniors, I’m finding. I am talking steak dinners for seven bucks or BBQ chicken for six! And that’s complete with salad, sides, and dessert. Breakfast is comparably satisfying and economical.

Plus, several weekends a month, Cherry Valley hires a band, and the party really gets going. It is an awesome social atmosphere, without all the creepy strangers, drunken brawls, and smoke-filled rooms. We know most everyone whom we are partying with, and it is like a big, happy family fun night. It’s great!

This past Saturday night was the Halloween costume party, and Suzy and the Cruisers was the band. Lots of great oldies songs.

DSC00177Ken dressed up as a headhunter. I simply went all in orange, “The Great Pumpkin,” I proclaimed myself.  My daughter and her beau joined us for the evening, too. It was great fun.


A typical family photo, I caught my daughter, Nina, with her mouth full! Patrick doesn’t look pleased I’m snapping pics while he’s trying to eat, either. Oh, but that’s what moms do best. Smile, baby, love you bunches.






These “shrunken heads” are actually dried apples.

Blessings to you and yours,

Jenni and Ken

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