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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Just Ducky

P9160188At Fisherman’s Retreat near Beaumont, California, we learned the story behind these rather stupid white ducks. It seems they were pets, kept locked up at a local elementary school, for the edification and pleasure of the young students.

When they arrived at Fisherman’s Retreat, there were five in total. Within the first several nights, two disappeared, most likely to the coyotes, as we heard their joyous calls, barks, and yaps, signaling a recent kill.


When they first arrived, they did not even enter the water, preferring to stay under a tree instead, and they had no fear of humans. I guess they were kept in a cage with no large enough water source for swimming.

When they first arrived, they did not know how to eat what ducks normally eat in the wild, and would not eat anything but bread.

And this really saddens me.

I understand the need to educate our children about nature and give them a hands-on experience with animals, but if a school must keep animals in such an unnatural setting as these obviously had been kept, then they need to take responsibility for the animals for the rest of their natural lives.


These zebras are privately owned, as far as we can find out, in Redlands. We were told that they also have giraffes and big cats on the property, but our information is only from word of mouth. They appear to be well cared for.


The Lord charged us with caring for the fishes and fowl and beasts of the land. Not with destroying them.

I will get off my soapbox now. At least the three surviving ducks are learning what to eat and how to survive in the wild, or semi-wild of Fisherman’s Retreat.

Blessings to you and your feathered or furry friends,

Jenni and Ken

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