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Monday, November 11, 2013

By The Salton Sea

DSC00371Our intended destination for Wednesday’s adventure was The Salton Sea. However, since we dawdled an awful long time, taking in the gross extravagance of Palm Springs and that surrounding area, we ended up with very little time to explore the area surrounding The Salton Sea.


Harrumph. We will just have to return another day, I guess.


This beautiful graffiti was found on the fence surrounding the abandoned community pool.

DSC00375We did get to explore a rather sad little community called Desert Shores, which is right on the edge of The Salton Sea. At one time, it probably was a nice little place to live; however, the economy, the housing crash, or what have you must have took its toll, because very few businesses remain open today. In fact, we saw an ambulance service, a motel, and a church, and not much else. Thank God there was a church so that the community would not totally be forsaken.


It saddened me that the community pool and the fire station stood abandoned, along with many private businesses. There were a few nice houses interspersed, but most of the housing was probably for the workers from the surrounding produce farms.


We did get some beautiful pictures, and I am pleased to be able to share them with you.



In our next post, we shall see what Ken was so interested in viewing. Until then, keep searching for your joy.


Jenni and Ken

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