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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Spring In Victoria

P4110231My eyes are itchy and dry. My nose is red and running. I’ve sneezed so much I fear the longevity of my tongue may have been shortened, having bit it and bashed it against my teeth so many times. 

Springtime allergies, oh how they plague me.
But oh, how I love Spring. It is my favorite time of the year. New growth. New life. New and ever-changing possibilities in a fresh and brightly colored world.
Today my allergies weren’t so terrible, thanks to the misty weather. Being true Northwesterners (with webbed feet☺), we ventured out despite the drizzle, walking far too far for this old body. I ached terribly when we returned to our hotel, and I definitely earned the soak in the hot tub, which we immediately took upon our return.

It seems nobody else cared to soak outside whilst it rained. Why, I simply joked we were macaques, and I turned my face to the cooling mist as my aching muscles relaxed in the hot water. It was gloriously refreshing.

DSC00960 Victoria was beautiful, but I won’t trouble you with too many more words, when pictures can tell the story much better. This is the Gatsby House, a restaurant and hotel behind.

The Peace Tulip Garden across from the Empress Hotel provided an opportunity for a multi-sensual experience. Not only did we see the beautiful flowers, but breathing in deeply, we could smell their sweetness, and coincidentally, bells chimed in the background, rounding out the experience. I stood there with my eyes closed for several minutes, just breathing in the beauty.
We enjoyed a leisurely rest in a quaint little café on Douglas. They make a great latte and an equally great gluten-free “survival bar” (the top treat). Actually, we enjoyed many leisurely rests, wherever we found a dry seat!
The “back entrance” of our hotel which leads directly to the waterfront walk. Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.
Back in our unit, Ken prepared an awesome halibut and bok choy dinner. We were definitely famished after our long day.
It has been spectacular here in Victoria. I may never want to go home. Tomorrow we will venture toward Fisherman’s Wharf. See you then.

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