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Monday, April 16, 2012

Skinny Dipping

P4130365I thought that might get your attention, and now that I have it . . .

No, it wasn’t  me. Or Ken.

I woke up before five on our last morning in Victoria, and I peeked out to see if the sun was up yet or not. I did not know that I would see an extra moon or two upon looking out. There were two young people enjoying the hot tub in what appeared to be their birthday suits.

Now, I did not want to be a voyeur or a peeper or a perv, so I quickly closed the blinds before I saw too much. But I had to chuckle. I thought, maybe I should call the front desk. Then again, I remember being young, once upon a time. I chuckled again. No, they are not in the picture above. I’m not a perv.

I remember skinny dipping. I remember making out in the back seat of the car. In the back of the truck. In a field of flowers. I remember being young and daring. I remember drive-in movies.

I remember being young. And in love. And daring.

I remember being old and in love. After all, Ken has been telling me that this trip was our second honeymoon. We are only a few weeks away from our 13th anniversary.

Back to reality now, our trip home was very interesting. Life is always interesting when one is directionally challenged. Gotta look at things with humor, otherwise you will drive yourself crazy.

It has been said about me, if you blindfold me and spin me around in my own neighborhood, then take the blindfold off, I won’t know which way is up. That’s not the makings of a great navigator, but we do have some interesting times because of my lack of directional sense.

And as luck would have it, when we finally made it back into the United States, I got us headed in the wrong direction on 101. We ended up on the coast, wending our way around Crescent Lake, Storm King Mountain, and then we found the most beautiful of beaches, Ruby Beach.





Ruby Beach seems to be the fertility and virility center for the Pacific Coast. Just check out these pictures of a sea stack monolith (phallic symbol) and the tree of fertility. It looks like one of those early womanly figures from prehistoric times.



Oh, and we found Forks, too, where they were selling Twilight firewood. Every other business had a Twilight reference, and it took me a while to get it. If you haven’t gotten it yet, you will, if anyone in your sphere has seen the movies, anyway.

It was too late too turn back by the time we figured out we were headed in the wrong direction, so we decided to continue on, and on, and on. It was also too late by the time I thought about using the GPS on my phone. We were without signal. Such a predicament. When I finally did get a signal we had already been on the road for several hours, and I discovered that we still had over three hours to go. We should have been home in a total of four, had we went left instead of right way back in Port Angeles.

Oh well, such is life. Live it to the fullest while you can.

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