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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Slow to Progress

DSC00870Wow! I did not realize that so much time had passed since I last blogged. I guess that while I wasn’t feeling well, time continued to pass me by anyway. It has a way of doing that, doesn’t it?

Well, I haven’t gotten much done on the Raven lately, but Ken has been diligently working, trying to get things done before he has his surgery. I love the work he does, even if he is slow at it. And now that his shoulder is banged up, he is even slower, but the job is still top notch despite it all. Besides who can get much done with Tinker Belle “helping?”


So, without much more ado, here are a few pics of his latest work. He is replacing the back of the dinette seat because it was so flimsy that every time anyone grabbed the grab bar to help themselves in the door, it would become loose. It was only attached to paneling, after all. What did we really expect? So, he is making it solid and also putting in a nice, long, sturdy grab bar for me.


This is the piece being replaced. The hole was for a drawer, which will no longer be. It was a waste of space, since we can store more simply by opening the bench itself.


Here, he is fitting the new paneling over the plywood, but, oops, he still needs to cut a hole for the battery shutoff.


And this is all the wonderful extra space we gain by getting rid of that drawer. I can think of a ton of junk I can shove in there.


A close-up of the new paneling.


With that, we bid you adieu.

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