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Friday, March 23, 2012

Tuck Tail and Run!

cherry center
Sometimes you just have the urge to follow your animal instincts.

When a smaller dog knows she is outmatched against a much larger, much angrier animal, she wisely tucks her tail and heads for safer ground. It sounds like a good choice. After all, who wants to be torn to shreds by a vicious beast?

But sometimes she (the smaller dog) must stand her ground against that meanie. If she has pups, her first priority, instinctually, is to make sure they remain safe. She puts her safety and her life on the line for her family.

That is a mother with moxie.

However, we humans all too often would rather not exercise our moxie. Sometimes we would rather just tuck tail and run, even if it isn’t the wisest or most compassionate choice for the others involved. We would rather delegate our responsibilities, if at all possible, and continue on with our “easy” life.

Sometimes the stress of life becomes too much for even the most resolute among us mothers.

I have to laugh at myself at those moments. If I don’t, I wouldn’t make it very long in this life. In fact, I have to laugh at myself often. And I rather enjoy my closest friends helping me to see the humor in the predicaments I get myself into.

Over the past several months, I have mentioned that my son had reinjured his left shoulder at work. And more recently, I mentioned that my hubby injured his right shoulder and will need surgery. His surgery was postponed but should be rescheduled soon. That is what has ultimately postponed our departure date.

Now, here’s the kicker: My son needs surgery, too. Three dislocations within a year don’t make for a strong shoulder.

Imagine if you will, my husband’s right arm immobilized in a sling and my son’s left arm also immobilized in a sling—at roughly the same time. I joked they should have their surgeries on the same day, to save me the hassle of wasting two days in the OR waiting room.

While talking with a good friend the other day, we had great laughs about this. Could we put the two together to make a whole? In the end, she gave me a rather un-motherly piece of advice—Run for the hills!

This situation has given me plenty of stress, but also plenty of giggles. Picture me, a pain and fatigue riddled middle-aged woman, trying to help two normally big, strong men convalesce after surgery.

I’ve thought about throwing out my shingle: “Jen’s Convalescent Home for Shoulders Injuries” or “Weanie Arms R Us” or my favorite, “The Cherry Center for Recovering One-Armed Bandits.” I could even make it all legit and hire a care team. It could work, if only I had the greenies . . .

I just gotta laugh when life keeps throwing curve balls at my windows. What else can I do? If I couldn’t laugh, I would certainly go crazy.

May you find peace in your life. And please pray for a little to come our way as well.

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