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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Winters is Wonderful

DSC08536Being the optimistic soul I try to be, at first I thought Lake Minden would be a great place to stay; however, a gazillion biting insects and unrelenting mugginess from the lake quickly changed my mind. I detest using the H word, but I hated it there. I have so many bites all over my legs, I look like a poor waif who lives in a flea-infested shack. Every time I stepped outside, I seemed to get another dozen bites, plus another swarm would zoom right in the open door. We weren’t safe, day or night, from their biting, blood thirsty ways.

DSC08537But Winters is wonderful. We are staying at Canyon Creek RV Resort about ten miles outside of the town of Winters California. We hear the rushing water of Putah Creek as we drift off to sleep. And thanks to a wonderfully large number of bats, the insect population is manageable. Our first night, we watched the bats swoop and dive, as they gobbled up the mosquitos.


It is so beautiful here, my heart bursts with the joy of God and His nature.

DSC08568Yesterday morning as he walked Tinker Belle, Ken discovered a patch of thistle being visited by butterflies. The thought of such beauty pulled me out of bed and out of my self-absorbed pain-pity-party (having done too much the day before) so that I too could see the wonder of God’s peaceful insects.

I leave you now with these beautiful pictures.










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