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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Travelling Dog

IMG_0035 (2)Another episode of

Pug Funnies

As told to me by my dog, Tinker Belle.

This travelling thing is great fun. I don’t know how Mama and Daddy do it, but every time Mama and I get out of the truck, Daddy is there with the house.

Mama and Daddy talk to each other on these little black things she calls walkies, and it used to bother me, hearing Daddy’s voice like that. No matter where I looked in the truck, I could not find him. Now it doesn’t bother me so much because I know he will be there when we stop again. Besides, it makes Mama happy to talk to that black thing that sounds like Daddy.

Daddy says I’m the navigator, but I haven’t a clue how to use a map, other than as a puppy pad. Sometimes when he has the maps all laid out, I dance on them and scrunch them up. It is great fun, but Daddy gets awful mad at me.

Sometimes it gets boring, being in the truck all day long. I sleep. I look out the window. I make a big mess in the cab, trying to make the seat more comfortable.

On our way to Snowflower, I made up a new game all on my own. It is called the “Shock Mama” game. I like to rub my face on the pillows, and I discovered if I rub on this certain pillow (Mama says it is faux suede), I can then go touch Mama with my forehead and give her a zap. I did this over and over and she laughed and rubbed her elbow every time.

Mama says that makes me intelligent, but I was just bored, so I made it up.

I like going everywhere with Mama. When she puts on my big harness that says “Assistance Service Dog” on it, she says, “Time to go to work.” Work must mean that its fun because I get to go in stores and restaurants with Mama and Daddy when I wear it. I sit there real patient and don’t bother anybody.

Mama says she needs me for her pain and anxiety. I think that means she needs all the love and special attention I give her when she doesn’t feel good. When we go on walks, I know not to pull, and I keep one eye on Mama to make sure she is okay. I go extra slow when Mama has my leash, but with Daddy, I get more exercise. Someday, with my help, Mama will be able to run and play, too.

I’m glad Mama and Daddy have taught me all these things so that I can be of service. I like travelling with them. Some people say I’m spoiled, but Mama says I deserve every bit of extra love that comes my way for all I do for her.

Puppy Kisses,

Tinker Belle

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