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Monday, August 26, 2013

Don’t Be Late For Dinner

DSC08754On our drive to see part of Lake Berryessa yesterday, we traveled down the road toward Pleasant Cove and happened upon a ranch. In the pasture, I spotted one gray cow among all the angus. I asked Ken to stop so I could get a few pictures.

DSC08765Lo and behold, when they saw our truck stop, they must have thought we were bringing dinner. We triggered a Pavlov response, and they began bellowing and trotting toward the barn, watching us as we slowing traveled down the road.

DSC08767We laughed so hard, I almost forgot to take pictures.

But then, when we got a little farther down the road, we triggered the same response in a hog. What is it about our big white truck? Does it just scream, “Dinner’s coming?” The pig actually appeared to jump for joy when she saw us.



What I do know is that they made my day, to see these animals so excited by our presence, even if the local horses only gave us a passing glance and the wild turkeys ran for the hills.



Peace, love, and a good meal to you all,


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