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Monday, September 3, 2012

It Matters

DSC01496Sometimes in life, we must make quick decisions, such as when someone swerves in front of us on the freeway.

Or when we only have thirty minutes for lunch, it doesn’t pay to spend fifteen of those precious minutes choosing which fast food restaurant to go to.

But for the more important stuff, it behooves us to take our time. Get exactly what we want.

Like my DSLR camera.

I took seemingly forever even making the decision to break away from old-fashioned film.

In the end, I had thoroughly done my homework, and I chose a camera that I knew would suit me well. It was neither the most expensive, nor the cheapest.

I chose a Sony a33 with two interchangeable lenses that gave me the macro and distance equivalents to my old SLR. I am always amazed at its capabilities, and I have barely scratched the surface in exploring all it can do.

The pictures in the video are untouched and uncropped, and the pictures below have been cropped to enhance the specific details I wished to show. Otherwise, they were untouched. All of these pictures were taken over the past weekend at the Swan Island Dahlia Festival in Canby, Oregon.






And now, the video. For a real treat, play this Youtube video through your hi-def TV.

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