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Respect life--always.

Friday, November 25, 2011

We Thank Thee



We thank Thee for giving us the strength and stamina to prepare for this celebration.


We thank Thee for the talents we have been blessed with.


We thank Thee for the beauty of this and every season.


We thank Thee for providing the bountiful feast for our table.


We thank Thee for being our guiding light.


We thank Thee for giving us our family and friends.

For all of these gifts, these blessings, we thank our Lord and Savior.

This weekend marks the beginning of the “holiday season.” In humbleness, I pray that this year, and every year, we can remember the true reason for the season.

I wish you all the blessings our Lord has in store for you. May these blessing be all you have dreamt for yourself and your family. And remember that even a life full of trials and pain, can be equally and overwhelmingly full of joy.

I wish you this joy.

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