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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

How do You Roll?

How do you deal with disappointment? With bad news? With rejection?

Do you cry your eyes out, blubbering in your hubby’s accepting arms until your eyes are swollen and red? Do you replay every detail, searching out every piece of ammo you can use against the other person, even if you have no intention of actually going face-to-face or fist-to-fist with that person? Do you drown your sorrows in your drug of choice, (my choice being food)? Do you attempt to drown out the negative voices in your head with head-banging music? A little Zep until the walls vibrate? Do you search out an activity that is so involved you cannot possibly think of anything else but that activity, like physics puzzles on Kongregate? Or do you listen when your most loving person showers you with positive messages and tells you that the disappointment or bad news or rejection does not matter in the grander scheme of things? We will survive. Our plans will not change.

I did all of the above, and in that order too.

Now that the dust has settled, it does not matter what the bad news was. It is a new morning, a new bright, shiny day. The sun will always set on our troubles and will always rise again. Without the scary darkness and lurking shadows, the bad news doesn’t look so bad. I can deal with it. And Ken is right. Ultimately, it won’t change our plans.

Whether I am well or sick or even sicker, we will still travel. Whether we sell everything or give most of it away, we will still travel. Whether I can do my share or Ken and Trevor have to do most of the work, it will all get done, and without them complaining about my alleged laziness. They know me like no one else does.

All will be well. I will not lash out. I will forgive. I will give my troubles over to God. I will move on.

And that is how I roll.

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