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Sunday, December 30, 2012

A Little Poetry To End The Year

Having done too much yesterday, trying to end the year with a clean house, I spent today a bit pensive, a bit sad. Where has this year gone? So, I decided to wind down the afternoon, the day, and the year with a nice cup of comfort.

Enjoy some poetry on this chilly afternoon, maybe with your own cup of cocoa. Go ahead. I’ll wait until you return from the kitchen.



Oh, how delightfully smooth

The delicate vapors

Wafting, floating, inhaled sweetly

Tantalizing tender buds.


Ecstasy parts company with intellect

Giddy satisfaction its only desire

Pray hold this infatuation at bay

Put such needfulness to bed.


For this heaven, so richly tempting,

Is pure bliss and blue flame

Always such pain in that first hot kiss

Be patient, my love.


Jenni Lynn

December 30, 2012





I dreamed I was a delicate flower

With petals of crimson and gold

Delight spilled from my heart

Like a sweet fragrance in summer


I dreamed of warm showers

Falling gently from a soft white sky

Each drop on my velvety petals

Turned into joyous laughter


I dreamed of being plucked

Desired, cherished, loved

Held forever in a tender embrace

I dreamed of things unspoken


I dreamed of you.


Jenni Lynn

December 11, 2012





They tell me roses are red

They tell me violets are blue

They tell me this is where I say

I love you.


Cheeks are rosiest in the winter

Tannest all summer long

Hugs are coziest beside a fire

As the radio plays our song.


Jenni Lynn

December 30, 2012

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